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Pitch Coaching Package

Pitch Coaching Package


Is the prospect of presenting your pitch to investors give you jitters? Whether you're a new entrepreneur or a seasoned professional, the pressure of a pitch can be nerve-wracking. You have just a few minutes to convey your business's essence, so it's crucial that every aspect of your pitch is finely tuned and impactful. But how can you be certain your pitch will hit the mark?

We understand the significance of objective feedback and the power of personalized guidance, especially when it comes to securing the support you need. With extensive experience assisting founders like you, we're well-equipped to provide the insights and suggestions that will propel your pitch to the next level.

What's Included:

  1. 20-Minute Pitch Practice Session: Dive in with a one-on-one call with us. Present your pitch, take on our Q&A, and receive immediate feedback to kickstart your refinement process.

  2. Pitch Report Card: Gain a comprehensive evaluation of your pitch, featuring feedback and actionable suggestions to elevate every element.

  3. Three In-Depth Coaching Sessions: Engage in three personalized 45-minute coaching sessions with our experts. Together, we'll meticulously enhance your pitch, ensuring each element aligns seamlessly.

  4. Pitch Perfection: Your pitch will undergo meticulous fine-tuning throughout these sessions, resulting in a polished presentation that commands attention and drives results.

Why Opt for Our Coaching Package: Unlock Your Pitch's Potential

  • Customized Guidance: Benefit from tailored advice that addresses your specific pitch, industry, and intended audience.

  • Polished Messaging: Learn the art of making every word count, crafting a pitch that's engaging, clear, and persuasive.

  • Confidence Amplifier: Gain the confidence to deliver your pitch with conviction and professionalism in any scenario.

  • Feedback Loop: Receive continuous feedback, empowering you to consistently enhance your pitch and delivery.

Immediate Impact, Everlasting Results: Harness Your Pitch's Full Potential

For just $600, you'll embark on a transformational journey that hones your pitch, amplifies your confidence, and positions you for investment success. Don't let nerves or a lack of preparation hinder your path to success. With the Pitch Coaching Package, you'll harness the power of refined communication skills to captivate investors and secure the funding you seek.

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We have over 25 years experience bringing new ideas from the white board to the customer's hand. We want to see your vision become reality, and support you on your journey.

The first step is a no-cost, no-obligation conversation.

Meet the Coaches

Merril Gilbert
Merril Gilbert

Merril offers a unique perspective on the connectivity and transformation between culture, experience, and food. She is a provocative thought-leader on a range of food and beverage topics, from sustainable sourcing and ethical practices to the latest culinary trends and innovations. Merril is a board member at Slow Money NorCal, where she mentors entrepreneurs in the future of food. She is also a member of Naturally Bay Area and part of the MISTA ecosystem.

Rhiannon Woo
Rhiannon Woo

Rhiannon is a CPG and ag-tech professional focused on quality management systems and continuous improvement through leadership training, plan development and implementation support to manufacturers across the United States. Rhiannon has developed audit standards, as well as training and calibration programs with industry organizations, shippers, retailers and auditing companies across the value chain.

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